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Social media censors art and artists in more ways than one.
Let's make sure we can connect with out it.

In August, 2021 my instagram account (@jinjabrew) was mysteriously deleted with out warning or reasoning.  At this point, I had 17K followers - and suddenly no way of connecting to any of them. Although I was able to recover the account through the help of community, I abruptly realized how completely reliant I was on a platform that can disconnect or silence our account and work -- at any time at their discretion; and how we censor our own art or activism in the process.

I'm committing to be less and less reliant on the platform and to be able to connect and create a sustainable online community that is here to stay - showcasing my artwork as intended: unfiltered, uncropped, uncensored.  For a more sustainable and intentional connection / follow, please join my personal database by signing up below. 


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